Loading Technology

PROMStahl specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of loading dock equipment including – hydraulic dock levellers, mechanical dock levellers, dock shelters, dock houses, industrial doors and a wide range of loading bay accessories. Thanks to many years of experience in the loading technology industry and precise knowledge of the needs, we can guarantee the best level of service to our clients.


Make safety your no 1 priority. Thanks to our sophisticated accessories your loading and unloading procedures will be improved with respect to safety, reliability, and efficiency. Optimize your material handling processes by using PROMStahl accessories.

Sectional door

Industrial gates are the elements necessary to ensure the free flow of goods in the loading process. Whether aluminum sectional doors or ISO doors - we offer the best solutions for every company.

Slidable aluminium drawbridge leveller

PSKB slidable drawbridge levellers are designed for bridging medium differences in height and can be operated by just one person. The platform made of high-quality aluminium and a track carriage fixed in a ball bearing guarantee easy operation and lateral sliding.


This type of dock leveller has a load capacity up to 40 kN and can bridge differences in height of up to about 200 mm.

This dock leveller is made of durable weatherproof a aluminium alloy and meets the highest requirements of modern goods traffic. If not in use, the leveller is in its vertical rest position at the ramp edge. An automatic lock/release system prevents accidental fall-down of the leveller.

Nominal length (L)Nominal width (B)Min./Max. difference in height (H)Load capacity (kN)Type
5651.500– 90+ 5040without spring system
8151.250– 120+ 8040without spring system
8151.500– 120+ 8040without spring system
1.0651.500– 155+ 11040with spring system
1.3151.250– 185+ 14025with spring system
1.3151.500– 185+ 14040with spring system
1.5651.250– 215+ 17517,5with spring system
1.5651.500– 215+ 17540with spring system


All dimensions in mm.