Loading Technology

PROMStahl specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of loading dock equipment including – hydraulic dock levellers, mechanical dock levellers, dock shelters, dock houses, industrial doors and a wide range of loading bay accessories. Thanks to many years of experience in the loading technology industry and precise knowledge of the needs, we can guarantee the best level of service to our clients.


Make safety your no 1 priority. Thanks to our sophisticated accessories your loading and unloading procedures will be improved with respect to safety, reliability, and efficiency. Optimize your material handling processes by using PROMStahl accessories.

Sectional door

Industrial gates are the elements necessary to ensure the free flow of goods in the loading process. Whether aluminum sectional doors or ISO doors - we offer the best solutions for every company.
Type PQM

Mobile container dock plate

The PQM dock plate belongs to PROMStahl’s wide product range and has been designed for container loading and unloading. It compensates for the difference in height between yard level and the container bed.

The PQM dock plate is made of durable welded steel provided with an anti-slip tear plate. It is moved to the container by means of an industrial truck. This dock plate is provided with slots to enable quick and easy transport.


For loading and unloading the dock plate is placed directly next to the rear edge of the container; subsequently, its lip is swung out and positioned on the container bed. The plate is then fixed against slipping away by means of the safety chains included in the delivery.


This PROMStahl product meets all requirements of the latest European standard EN 1398.

Technical drawing

1 = Container

2 = Rear lip

3 = Handle

4 = Front lip

NL NW OL A min. A max.
1.435 1.500, 1.750, 2.000, 2.250, 2.300, 2.400 1.935 150 240
2.000 1.500, 1.750, 2.000, 2.250, 2.300, 2.400 2.500 150 300
2.450 1.500, 1.750, 2.000, 2.250, 2.300, 2.400 2.950 150 360
2.900 1.500, 1.750, 2.000, 2.250, 2.300, 2.400 3.400 150 410


All dimensions in mm. Load capacity for all sizes: 60 kN.

NL = Nominal length, NW = Nominal width, A = Min. / max. rise, OL = Overall length