From mid-2020, tasks in the field of loading technology directly on the UK and neighboring markets are carried out by Promstahl Ltd based in Lutterworth. We present one of the new projects on the market for three British distribution centers.

To three distribution centres in the Midlands – Burton upon Trent, Promstahl Ltd delivered 22 loading docks, 6 loading doors with access to the level and 20 fire doors. In addition, our British loading technicians have completed negotiations with a fourth distribution centre in the same location, for which they will construct 16 loading bays. They will start this project at the end of March.

Loading technology is a series of solutions that improve the loading and reloading of goods between transport and destination. Loading systems effectively protect the reloaded goods against external factors, as well as shorten the time of the process itself.

Promstahl Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, was established a year ago with a view to intensifying sales in the segment of loading technology. Loading systems are the leading export product of the PJP Makrum Industrial Group, and the Promstahl brand has been a recognized and recognizable manufacturer of them on many foreign markets for years.

In connection with the recent merger of Promstahl, Promlift and Modulo Parking, the products of these brands will draw on the proven potential of the Promstahl brand, which will allow for faster foreign expansion of such products of the PJP Makrum Group as automatic car parks and forklifts, racks and other products in the field of warehouse equipment.