Loading Technology

PROMStahl specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of loading dock equipment including – hydraulic dock levellers, mechanical dock levellers, dock shelters, dock houses, industrial doors and a wide range of loading bay accessories. Thanks to many years of experience in the loading technology industry and precise knowledge of the needs, we can guarantee the best level of service to our clients.


Make safety your no 1 priority. Thanks to our sophisticated accessories your loading and unloading procedures will be improved with respect to safety, reliability, and efficiency. Optimize your material handling processes by using PROMStahl accessories.

Sectional door

Industrial gates are the elements necessary to ensure the free flow of goods in the loading process. Whether aluminum sectional doors or ISO doors - we offer the best solutions for every company.
Type PAS

Loading ramp with hinge lip leveller

Stationary dock shelter with swing lip

The PAS2 loading ramp is a new product of PROMStahl’s wide product range. This top-quality product benefits from over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing docking systems.


The PAS2 ramp is a complete loading system which is mounted in front of a door opening or a building as a self-supporting unit. It consists of a hydraulic dock leveller with a swing lip and lateral treads which are reinforced on their bottom side. The PS2 leveller of the PAS2 system is operated at the touch of a button. As soon as the platform has reached its highest position the lip swings out automatically and comes to rest on the lorry bed. It optimally adapts to all lorry types both with respect to width as well as with respect to height. During loading and unloading the PROMStahl dock leveller follows the movements of the vehicle (automatic floating position).

More informations

The PROMStahl PAS2 system suggests itself as an extension to an existing building by means of a loading system as the necessary constructional preparation work is limited and operating costs are reduced. The PROMStahl PAS2 system can be installed at various angles (45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 120°, 135°) at the front of the building so that it is possible to optimally utilize the available space and to guarantee smooth and efficient loading and unloading operations. The steel elements of the PAS2 system are available either hot-dip galvanized or painted.


The stepped version of the PROMStahl loading ramp enables docking of various types of vehicles and is used when the loading height of the vehicle is lower than the height of the loading station. The stepped version guarantees trouble-free opening of the vehicle doors after vehicle dock-in.


As an option the PROMStahl PAS2 system can be extended to form a PROMStahl loading house. The loading house is a cladding house that in combination with a loading ramp and a dock shelter forms an independent unit that can be installed in front of the building and includes all components of a loading station. Together with the loading ramp as the supporting structure the dock leveller, dock shelter and sectional door form a complex loading system.

Technical drawing


Dock leveller LL = 400 LL = 500






NW = 2.000, 2.200 for all sizes

MW = 3.300, 3.500, 3.600 for all sizes

All dimensions in mm. Load capacity for all dimensions: 60 kN (dynamic), 84 kN (static).

NV = Loading ramp nominal length (NL + 20), NL = Dock leveller nominal length, NW = Dock leveler nominal width, OL = Overall length (NL + LL), LL = Lip length, LH = Leveller height, DH = Dock height, DW = Dock width, MW = Loading ramp module width, A = Level equalisation above dock, B = Level equalisation below dock, AW = Installation angle.

(All loading ramps are available with standard installation angles of 90°, 45°/135°, 60°/120° and 75°/105°. Further angles are available on request.)