Promstahl has been selling its dock products into the UK since 2011, an incredibly successful 10 years  for the business, selling direct to its trade partners our full range of loading technology products.

IMMOBILE marketing department sat down with Promstahl UK’s managing directors, Tom Langley & Paul Harrison to find out more.

I understand that even though, the company has been trading for 10 years in the UK, you’re still seen as a new business?

On the trade side we have a good reputation for supplying cost effective, well designed products, says Paul, we are seen as a new business to the contractors, but that’s ok, it feels like the right time in the market for a new supplier, continues Paul, with fresh products and solutions delivered with first class customer experience.

What do you mean by “Trade Partner”

Trade partners are our customers that buy the product from us and install to a third parties’ site, either for a new installation or a replacement. We have 8 – 10 really good customers that buy on a regular basis and have a good reputation in the industry. Then we have around the same number again who are new to us since we opened our UK office, says Tom.

How long has the UK office been open?

The UK company and office was opened in June 2020, the business got to the point it was the next natural step to better support our existing customers, grow new ones and look to take on our own projects in the new build distribution market, Tom continues.

How have you found starting a new role in the middle of Covid and with Brexit?

Probably not the best timing, says Paul, but taking the positives out the situation, with the market being quieter at the time, gave us the opportunity to settle in and prepare the business. We have noticed the business has steadily increased month by month, to the point we have a nice order book, mixed with trade customers, spares/replacements and our own contractor orders.

How do you see 2021 for you?

We are on target for a very good first full year and hopefully we can finally get out and meet our customers face to face again to thank them for their fantastic support says Paul.