Make safety your no 1 priority. Thanks to our sophisticated accessories your loading and unloading procedures will be improved with respect to safety, reliability, and efficiency. Optimize your material handling processes by using PROMStahl accessories.

Loading Technology

PROMStahl specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of loading dock equipment including – hydraulic dock levellers, mechanical dock levellers, dock shelters, dock houses, industrial doors and a wide range of loading bay accessories. Thanks to many years of experience in the loading technology industry and precise knowledge of the needs, we can guarantee the best level of service to our clients.

Sectional door

Industrial gates are the elements necessary to ensure the free flow of goods in the loading process. Whether aluminum sectional doors or ISO doors - we offer the best solutions for every company.

Traffic lights

Inside and outside traffic lights represent a reasonable completion of the docking station. It is recommended to provide the loading station not only with a wheel chock but also with a traffic lights system.


PROMStahl type PBEA traffic lights systems assure communication between the lorry driver and the warehouse staff. They show the driver when the docking station can be approached and left safely. The traffic lights are connected to the PROMStahl control unit and adjustments/programming can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Technical features

Lamp gray, round

Standard type PBEA traffic light 05

  • suitable as internal or external traffic lights (red/green)
  • strong colours thanks to LEDs
  • Clear lenses
  • simple installation by means of integrated bracing arm
  • protection class: IP 65
  • service life: up to 50,000 hours
  • LED lamp can be rotated by 360° resulting in optimal visibility of the signal

Lamp black, angular

Option type PBEA traffic light 07

  • suitable as internal or external traffic lights (red/green)
  • dimensions: 320 x 162 x 85 mm
  • strong colours thanks to LEDs
  • Lenses red and green protection class: IP 65
  • service life > 25,000 hours
  • traffic lights can be rotated by 180° resulting in optimal visibility of the signal